How to display currency pair in MT4 XM application for smartphones (Android version)

It is very simple to display of the currency pair on the MT4 application (Android version) i with 3 steps.

Step 1: Touch the “+" from the quote list

After signing into the MT4 application, go to the quote screen by selecting “Quote."

Touch the “+" sign on the upper right corner of the quote screen.

Step 2: Add the currency

Currency pairs are found in the Forex 1.2 mic; Spot metal mic; Forex 1; CFD cash; CFD future, so choose your preferred currency pair.

add the currency


Alternatively, you can do a simple search by touching the “search icon" at the top of the screen and then entering the currency pair.

For example, when searching for “EUR", the list of standard EUR currency pairs will be displayed.


Step 3: Touch to select your preferred currency pair

Touch to select the currency pair from the displayed list of currency pairs

If you touch, the currency pair will disappear from the screen, but it will automatically appear in the currency pair list.

For example, if you touch “GOLD", GOLD will disappear from the screen but it will be displayed in the currency pair list.


When you return to the quote screen, the selected currency pair will be displayed.

the added currency pair will be displayed

Repeat these steps, your favorite currency pairs will be displayed.

Learn how to delete or arrange currency pairs by following the links.

Detailed quotes can be shown

Display for quotations may change in terms of time, spread or low values high values in “View Advanced Mode".

You can do this by pressing and holding the currency pair displayed at the quotation, then touching “Advanced view mode".

Display detailed quotes

Then, the screen will switch to detail mode (advanced mode).