How to display the preferred currency pair on MT4 in the iPhone version

Displaying the desired currency pair in the MT4 app (iPhone version) is very simple with 3 steps.

Step 1: Touch the “+" icon from the “Price" tag

After signing into MT4 app , touch the" price “tag at the bottom of the screen → touch the" + “symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to display currency pairs on MT4


Step 2: Add the currency pair

Currency pairs are included in each group, so tap on the preferred currency pair.<

In addition, gold and silver are grouped in “Spot Metals", mineral or crude oil indexes are grouped in CFDs.

how to display MT4 currency pairs


You can also search simply by touching the “search form" at the bottom of the screen, then entering the currency pair.

For example, when looking for “EUR", the base currency pairs of EUR will be displayed.

Searching for MT4 currency pairs


Step 3: Touch on the preferred currency pair

Touch the “+" displayed on the left of the currency pair from the list of currency pairs displayed.

If touched, the currency pair will disappear from the screen but will automatically be recorded in the currency pair list

For example, when you touch “GOLD", “GOLD" from the screen will disappear but it will be displayed in the currency list.

How to display currency pairs on MT4


When you return to the quotation screen, the selected currency pair will be displayed.

Add the currency pair on MT4

Repeat the steps above, the favorite currency pairs will be displayed.

Please refer to the links below for how to delete currency pairs or arrange currency pairs.