How to clear transaction screen with just 1 click

When starting MT4 for the first time, “Trading with only 1 click" as the image below is displayed in its original state.

What is a one click trading?

One click trading is a real-time trading that is displayed in the upper left corner of the chart screen and is a feature of MT4 that allows you to place orders immediately upon clicking.

one click trading

As such you can trade with MT4, but the screen will not display MT4’s “one click trading" to prevent you from accidentally clicking and placing the wrong order.

How to hide a 1-click trading screen

Hiding the MT4 trading screen is very simple.

Just uncheck this by “right click" on the chart → click “one click trading".

How to hide 1-click trading screen

So, you have removed the one click trading of MT4.

hide xm mt4 one click trading

Additionally, by right-clicking on the chart, you can display the grid or trading volume.

You can customize MT4 as preferred