Comparing XM accounts. Differences between MICRO account, STANDARD account and ZERO account

XM of Forex Traders, there are 3 types of accounts.

First, 1 lot of MICRO account is equal to 1000 currency units. Second,1 lot of STANDARD account is equal to 100000 currency units, and the third is the ZERO account with the smallest spread from 0 pip.

Table comparing XM accounts

 Micro AccountStandard AccountZero Account
Base currencyUSD, EUR, JPY
Maximum leverage888:1888:1888:1
Lot unit1,000 currency units1,000 currency units100,000 currency units
Maximum trading volume100 lots50 lots50 lots
Minimum trading volume0.01 lots (MT4)
0.01 lots (MT5)
0.01 lots0.01 lots
Maximum number of open/pending orders per client200 orders200 orders200 orders
Minimum deposit5$5$$100
Transaction feesFreeFree$5 per transaction per trading lot
Deposit/Withdrawal feesFreeFreeFree
Maintenance feesFreeFreeFree
Opening multiple accountsPossiblePossiblePossible
Spread for major currency pairs1 pip ~ varied1 pip ~ varied0 pip ~ varied
Average spread1.7 pips1.7 pips0.1 pips
Execution methodSTPSTPECN
Reverse orderPossiblePossiblePossible
Trading toolsMT4/MT5MT4/MT5MT4/MT5
Forex currency pairs57 currency units57 currency units56 currency units
CFD trading33 denominators
33 denominators
CFD trading4 denominators
4 denominators
2 denominators
Loss CutBelow 20%Below 20%Below 20%
Margin Call50%50%50%
Additional deposit
Fund protection
Automatic tradingPossiblePossiblePossible
Free VPSSupportSupportSupport
BonusAcceptedAcceptedNot accepted

Depending on each case, if the investment is small, you should choose MICRO account. If you want to focus on Scalping transactions, ZERO account is recommended. And if you want to make big profits with a transaction equal to the investment amount of several thousand dollars, perhaps the STANDARD account is a good choice.

The maximum leverage is up to 888 times, but it will be 200 times greater if your account balance is between $ 20,001 and $100,000 and will be 100 times greater if your account balance is $ 100,001 ~

What to know about Zero Account

XM Zero account is used to narrow the maximum Spread. Therefore, it is not eligible for bonus.

Regular XM accounts do not charge a fee, but keep in mind that the XM Zero account will incur a $ 5 fee for 1 lot (100,000 currency units). In addition, non-free spreads will fluctuate from a minimum of 0.0 pips.

Please be aware that the currency pairs of Zero accounts are limited.

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