Solutions for the case where the negative number protection policy is not applied at the time balance is reset to 0 when the account balance becomes negative

XM Group negative number protection policy

In Forex or CFD trading, the account balance becomes negative even before zero cut because of strong market price fluctuations. Negative account balance needs to be paid as an additional deposit.

However, at Forex Broker’s XM Group, you do not need to pay an additional deposit even though your account balance becomes the negative.

If account balance is not reset from negative to zero

Basically, when your account balance becomes negative, it will automatically reset to to 0 within a few minutes to a few hours


However, if the displayed account balance is negative, but the reward is still there the asset will not become negative. So, account balance is not set to 0 because it can still be traded.

In addition, the balance is not reset to 0 when your order is being executed.

If you want to reset the balance to 0 immediately

If you want to reset the account balance immediately when the asset and account balance has been displayed as a negative number but still can not reset to zero despite having spent a few hours, then you may be given priority to be supported to reset if you send this problem to online chat at the official XM Group site.

The balance can be set using 1 XMP

You can also reset by converting only 1 XMP to a credit reward from “My Loyalty Status" of “My XM Page".

Please note if XMP is used because the point used will disappear.

Terms to note when resetting balance to 0

As described above, if the asset is not displayed negative, the balance will not be reset to zero because it is judged to be potentially tradable.

Please note that if you have made a deposit at this point, it will become a compensation amount for the negative balance.

If the account balance is negative and the asset displays a positive number , the best way to resolve this problem is by following 4 methods below.

  • Increase the balance by taking the profit from the asset portion
  • Cut loss when the asset is below 0
  • Deposit and trade with another account when you want to trade immediately
  • Open a new real account (can open from my page)