At XM there are 3 types of accounts corresponding to trading types.

3 account types

  • MICRO account is capable of trading from 1 lot=1,000 currency units
  • STANDARD account is capable of trading from 1 lot=100,000 currency units
  • ZERO account is capable of trading=with the lowest spread of 1 lot

How to change XM account type

To change the type of XM account you opened at the beginning, you need to open an additional one.

At XM , a customer can own multiple accounts. (Accounts not used within 90 days will automatically freeze.)

In addition, you can not change an existing account type.

If you have owned an account but want to create additional accounts, you should open from .

member login

How to change XM account leverage

At XM leveragelevel is up to 888 times, but you can change the leverage of your account as you like.

You can change the leverage from “Login” → “My Page” → “Right Menu” → “Leverage Change”.