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“Forex trading, leverage up to 888:1”(hereinafter referred to as “This website”), is a website introducing the usage of “XM Group” (Trading Point Limited), trading name of a foreign Forex company.

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Forex trading, leverage up to 888:1
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The Information contained on this website is to provide for XM Group usage only, and is not intended for commercial purposes such as providing advice for further actions, brokering or trading instruments such as commodities, precious metals, energies…

The information contained on the website headline, “Forex trading, leverage up to 888:1”, does not fully guarantee profit

Forex trading and CFDs trading involve significant risk to your invested capital, therefore your final investment decisions as well as opening account, choosing trading currency pair or determining buy/sell rates should be made based on your own judgement.

For the information and data contained on this website, we make no warranty with respect to the accuracy of the original source. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

We do not take responsibility for the inaccuracy of information on the website.

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Content provided on this website can be modified without advance notice.

Strongly prohibits all acts such as copying to carry out improper behaviors (partial image or text, general travel information), restore or trade … If such acts are determined to carry out improper behaviors, restore or trade as above, they shall be subject to the copyright infringement law and reported to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Duplication and citation are not possible, but it is encouraged to copy the link of this site to another site. You can use our website link at other sites without contacting us.

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“Forex trading, leverage up to 888:1″(hereinafter referred to as this site), always aware of the importance of securing personal information, using information properly as a social responsibility, and making every effort to ensure the confidentiality of personal information.

(Define personal information)
Personal information provided to verify an individual’s information, such as name or email from registration questions
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This website collects and uses personal information for the following purposes.
 ├ Information collected from registration questions
 ├ Answering questions
 ├ Provide useful and necessary information
 └ Contact if needed
(Provide third-party information)
On this website, if the third party can provide legitimate reasons, we will still provide information to them without client’s approval
(Confidentiality Policy)
Properly manage the collected personal information for the purpose of ensuring full security and maintaining the most accurate and up-to-date personal information data
In addition, this site is not responsible for the privacy of advertising links.
(enquire, modify or delete information)
We will respond if we wish to enquire, modify, or delete personal information after getting their approval
This website, in addition to complying with any regulations related to the personal information we collect, also makes an attempt to review and improve this policy.
(Enquire information from XM Group official website)
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Forex trading, leverage up to 888:1

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