If you forget your account password, what should you do? Procedures for re-granting account password at XM Group

What to do when you forget password in XM Group

If you forget your password, you will be given a default password to contact customer support.

Customer support, you can contact customer support, both in English and Vietnamese from the website.

XM Group English support line

Customer support E-mail: support@xm.com

Live chat: Live chat in English

How to change your XM Group account password

Changin password is very simple

After logging in to MT4, Click on “Tools" of MT4 → Options .

click on Tools on MT4


Click on “Server", then click on"Change".

change password


Enter current password in “Current password", next enter new password in “New password" and “Confirm".

After entering, click on “OK".

enter new password

Thus, the password change process has been completed.