Open a real XM account with just 5 steps!

If you open a XM account with a maximum of 888 leverage, you can actually make big money with only a small capital to start with!

A real XM account can opened within 2 minutes by registering simple information, you can use the free software “MT4” and technical indicators with superior functionality.

You can refer to how to open a real account from Smartphones at the link below.

At XM forex broker, you can open a free account within 5 steps right on Smartphones.Upon completing account registration, you can make a profit from trading 57 currency pairs, 33 stock indexes and 4 kinds of precious metalsTrade nowStep 1 Click on...

Step 1: Click to open a real XM account

Go to XM official website .

Click on “OPEN ACCOUNT” in the center of the home screen.

XM official website


Step 2: Enter your personal information on the registration screen

Click the “OPEN ACCOUNT” button, fill in the necessary fields on the registration screen.

After entering, click “Continue to step 2.”

step 1 open real account

  • Personal Information

Enter simple information with Latin characters.

  1. First name:
  2. Last name:
  3. Preferred language:(E.g) Englist (Select from list)
  4. Phone:
  5. E-mail:(e.g) ****

Select a preferred account type.


Step 3: Fill in the required fields on the registration screen

Enter information such as contact information … required when opening a real account.

Here also enterinformation in Latin words.

personal information

  • Personal information

Enter date of birth only. The rest is automatically filled.

  1. Date of birth:(e.g) 13-5-1981


Next, enter the residential address, street number, postal code.

Address information

  • Address information
  1. City/Town:
  2. Residential Adrress:
  3. Postal/zip code:
  4. You are a US citizen for tax purposes?: Select “No”


Select the preferred account.

Trading account details

  • Trading account details
  1. Account base currency(e.g) USD
  2. Leverage:(e.g) 1:888 (normally set as 888)
  3. Account Bonus:(e.g) Yes, I wish to receive the bonus

XM has three types of accounts: Micro/Standard/XM Zero.

It’s usually a good idea to choose a standard account (1 lot = 100,000 currency) but for beginners you should choose a micro account (1 lot = 1,000 currency) to minimize the risk.

Zero accounts are not eligible for the bonus

XM of Forex Traders, there are 3 types of accounts. First, 1 lot of MICRO account is equal to 1000 currency units. Second,1 lot of STANDARD account is equal to 100000 currency units, and the third is the ZERO account with the smallest spread from ...


Step 4: Enter investor information

Enter investor information.

investor information

  • Investor information
  1. Investment amount (USD): Choose the investment volume in USD
  2. Your total estimated income (USD): Select annual revenue in USD
  3. Your total estimated networth (USD):Select total estimated in USD
  4. Level of education: Select your highest education level
  5. Intended purpose and nature of transaction: Select the current recruitment method
  6. Employment Status: Select your current employment status
  7. Nature of Business: Select your current nature of business


Step 5: Enter your trading knowledge and experience and password

“Financial companies are required to know the customer’s trading knowledge,” it is a regulation in trading financial instruments, so you have to select the transaction knowledge field.

Enter your preferred password in the “Account Password” field. Enter the password again in the “Password confirmation” field.

Passworld for XM MT4 account

After checking the 3 confirmation boxes, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT”.


If all the information is valid then you will receive a confirmation email in your e-mail address you have registered.

Click on the “Confirm E-mail Address” button in the e-mail message received from XM, then you have completed opening a real account.


You will receive an email again about “MT4 ID Information”.

Then download “MT4” XM trading tool, you can start trading with a real account based on the issued ID and self-generated login password.

Steps to follow after the real account has been opened

After completing the account opening, you can start trading by uploading the your personal verification documents and depositing into your account.

※ When depositing funds and making a real transaction, you will need to submit an account holder’s verification documents. You will be officially activated after the verification is processed.)

You can start trading from the following link