How to display Parabolic SAR indicators of Forex in MT4

What is Parabolic SAR?

It is a technical indicator to predict the conversion point of market prices. Predict the timing fo placing a reverse order.

Is an indicator associated with market trends (down trend market, up trend market).

How to display Parabolic SAR

It’s very simple to display Parabolic SAR.

You can display in 4 steps: Click “Add" → “Support Tools" → “Trends" → “Parabolic SAR."

how to display Parabolic SAR


Seting the value (parameter), just leave the basic value at “0.02".

Set the maximum value at “0.2" and continue adjusting to a value that matches the histogram by incrementing every “0.02", but the larger the value the poorer the accuracy.

After setting the parameters, click the “OK" button. In addition, you may change the color of your choice.

setting parameters

As such, the Parabolic SAR will be displayed.

“One-day time frame” is commonly used

If the value is large, the time frame corresponds to the week or month.

Parabolic SAR will be displayed