How to avoid losing all bonus when withdrawing on XM Group


There are regular promotions available on XM Group

You can not withdraw the bonus earned but can use it as a deposit.

When withdrawing cash, the bonus earned will disappear!

After bonuses earned are added into deposit, , if you withdraw a deposit from the bonuses even only $ 1, all bonuses will be lost.

(For the XMP case, the XMP converted to a bonus will be gone, but unconverted bonuses will remain the same.)

Example: In the screen below you have a bonus amount of $ 3,934.71 and it is added into deposit but when you withdraw only $ 1 from this account, all $ 3,934.71 will be gone.


To avoid losing bonus when withdrawing money.

Can open a separate account for withdrawals and transfer funds to that account

At XM Group, you can own multiple accounts.

So, you can avoid losing the bonus by opening a separate account and and transfer funds to withdraw from this account.


Click on “Fund Transfer" from the right menu my page.

Select the account number of the deposit account, then enter the amount you want to deposit, then click the “Submit Request" button.

additional account


In this example, $ 100 is transferred to a separate account. Then, you can avoid losing your entire bonus if you withdraw from the transfer account (withdrawal account).

The $ 100 bonus will disappear.

As for the $ 100 transferred, the bonus amount of $ 100 has been deducted from the funds, but the original account will not lose all the bonus but remain the same at withdrawal.


As above, you can prevent the loss of all bonuses by opening 2 accounts then transfer the withdrawal amount to another account.

※ When you transfer funds to your XM ZERO account, the bonus will disappear, so you will need to choose a MICRO or STANDARD account to transfer funds to.