How to download MT4 (MetaTrader 4)

I will explain how to download MT4 XM Group with illustrations. It’s very easy for new computer users.

MT4 is commonly used as a Forex trading tool.

This article introduces how to download MT4 for PC, and you can also install MT4 software for Smartphone, Ipad, etc.

Absolutely free! “MT4" High Performance Forex Chart Displaying Software

MetaTrader4 (MT4) is a free forex trading software developed by Russia’s MetaQuotesSoftware company.

It is not only possible to use different analytical tools but MT4 also installs the standard automated trading features.

In addition to being able to represent charts or indicators, MT4 can also be used in demo or real trading. Furthermore, the MT4 software can be used for free.

  • Forex trading software with high performance can be used free of charge
  • Different technical analysis indicators
  • Interact with EA (Automatic Trading)
  • Provide customized indicators
  • Work on existing indicators
  • Iterate trading by signals MT4
  • Send an alarm, send a test email
  • Demo trading or real trading can all be used for free


Step 1: Download MT4 for free

Click on the “Trading Software" menu at the top of the official XM Group website.

trading software


Then, select “MT4 for PC".

Alternatively, you can also download and use the MT4 software for your Mac, iPhone, Android, or tablet.

MT4 cho PC


After clicking on “MT4 for PC", the system will automatically move to the MT4 introduction page, where you click on “Download" at the top right.

 MT4 features


Step 2: Install MT4

As such, the download of MT4 software has begun. After the download is complete, click on the file “xm4setup.exe" and installation will begin.


install MT4

Just follow the installation screen and install. So the installation is complete.

The next step after downloading MT4

If you have completed the download and installation of MT4, it is as if you have finished the preparation process and are ready to trade.

Next is MT4 login and starting to trade. If you do not understand how to login MT4, you can refer to the article"How to log into MT4“.