How to deposit money into XM Group account on smartphones

epositing funds into XM Groupaccount is very simple and takes 2 minutes to complete.

There are different ways to deposit funds to XM Group such as credit cards, VISA debit cards, bank transfer, allowing immediate deposit.

Before making deposit

To trade using a real account, you first need to upload account holder’s identification documents.

If you have not uploaded account identification documents, you need to activate your account on the reference page how to upload account holder’s idenficiation documents.

Once the account has been activated, the menu on the right side of the screen will show this message “Validated account"..

Step 1: Click the “deposit" button from My Account

After logging into My Account XM Group official account, click “Deposit” button on the menu on the left side of the screen

Deposit XM


Step 2: Select deposit option

Select a deposit option of your choice

Credit card (including visa credit) is a recommended option for deposit because it’s simple and allows fast deposit.

Payment method

Deposit methodsProcessing timeDeposit fees
Credit Card
Debit card
International bank transfer3-5 working daysFree
Immediately ~ within 1 hourFree
Clients bear payment fees
NetellerImmediately ~ within 1 hourFree
Clients bear payment fees


Step 3: Enter the amount you want to deposit

Below is how to deposit using credit/debit card.

Enter the amount you wish to deposit to your account.

Use your registered currency when opening an account. ※If you have selected trading currency is USD, then enter the deposit amount in USD.

deposit funds to xm using credit card/debit card (visa)


After checking the ID, account name and the amount of money needed to deposit, click “Deposit" and you will be redirected to the payment age. If the information is correct then you click the “Confirm" button.

confirm deposit


Step 4: Enter credit card information

Please enter your credit card (or debit card) information because the system will automatically direct you to the card information input page.

If credit card was previously charged, some information should have been previously entered. Confirm the information such as expiry date, …make sure all information is correct.

Enter card details

Once the information is filled, Click the “Deposit” button a message will appear “please wait while we process your payment”.

Please do not click Go back button on the browser while payment is being processed.


Step 5: Successful deposit

Then the process is complete.

If the payment is not reflected in the account.

Deposit methods other than credit card payment will not be reflected immediately.

Please contact support team at XM Group if the payment is not reflected in the account.

In addition, if your account is deposited from a foreign country other than your registered permanent resident address, you will need to attach a credit card details sheet and a credit card image to the support team for security reasons

Please note that the above provisions will apply in the case of credit card issued in foreign country or when traveling abroad.


confirm deposit