How to resolve in case the server list is not available when logging into MT4. (How to find the server)

when the server is not found in the server list

There are cases where server numbers cannot be found in the server list when logging in MT4 XM Group.

This is because old MT4 server list can not reach the new server number.

How to resolve when there is no server number.

The solution is very simple with 3 steps.

  1. Click on “Tools" → “Options"
  2. Enter the server number you want to log-in again under “tag/server tag"
  3. Click select server at “Open account"

As such, the server number has been displayed and you are now able to login.

Step 1: Click on “Tools" → “Options"

First, Click on “Tools" from MT4’s top menu bar → “Options”.

click options from tools


Step 2: Enter the server number you want to enter at “server tag"

Click the “Host" tag.

Next, enter the server number manually, The account and password you want to log in at the “Server", “ID" and “Password".

enter server ID

E.g: “XM.COM-Real ◯"

After you finish entering, remember to click “OK".


It will then display this line ‘can not be connected’ along with the “Biyoyo" error sound, but continue with that status.



Step 3: Click to select server at “Open account"

Click on “File" from the bottom navigation bar of MT4 → “Open account".

open account


Next, click “Find server" on the account opening screen.

After finding the server, close the account opening screen.

find server


Login to MT4 again

In step 3 above, server ID is displayed during login.

If you want to display other server IDs, you can also obtain them by repeating the above three steps multiple times.

login again