How to plot Trend line

What is a trend line?

A straight line that connects two lows if market prices rise and two highs if market prices fall.

Trend line shows Support line và Resistance line respectively. At the support line and the resistance line, the probability of volatility is high but outside these lines, the probability of reversing the trend becomes high.

How to draw Trend Line on MT4

It is very simple to draw the trend line using your visial intuition.

Click the line symbol on the top of the screen.

Drawing Trend Line on MT4


Then, you can freely draw the desired Trend Line by simply dragging your mouse over the chart on which you want to draw the line.

Trend line

In case you want to delete or edit, you can do the following “Right click" on the chart → “Objects" → “Objects List".

Recap on how to draw Trend Line

  • Click on the line symbol shown at the top of the screen
  • Drag your mouse over the chart to draw a line