How to make a profit from trading?

How to open an account
How to trade
How to withdraw

You can trade FOREX by depositing money into your FOREX trading account.

There are many FOREX trading companies, but XM is the preferred trading company, a company that offers high leverage up to 888 times and simple account registration on the internet.

Step 1: Open an account


In just 3 minutes you will be able to complete opening a free account.

After submitting your account identification documents, you can immediately start trading by depositing into your account through your credit card, debit or bank transfer.

Furthermore, before deposit you can also try Forex trading by opening a demo account for practice.


Step 2: Choose between buying or selling


FOREX can begin trading depending on whether you choose to “sell" or “buy" foreign currencies.

Select the currency pair you want to trade, you will trade according to the prediction that the currency pair will rise or fall in a few minutes or a few hours later.

Step 3: Earning profit


The profit is determined by closing the placed order.

If the expectations are met, within just a few minutes, you can already gain a profit.

The money will be returned if you deposit by credit card, it also works the same way if sending money by foreign telegram.

Example of actual transaction screen

Example of actual transaction scree

For real trading, you will use a free trading tool called MT4, a tool provided by FOREX trading companies.

Anyone can use it easily.

In the transaction screen example above, the EUR /USD currency pair is shown. Here is a chart showing 1EUR for how much USD. The currency pair on the left is the base currency, for example 1EUR.

As with the trading platform example, you can increase your profit margin by selling EUR /USD [(“sell at 1.16000"). (“Buy at 1.15200" (close order)].

  • $1.16000-$1.15200=$0.008

If 10,000 units of the EUR/USD has been sold, then you can earn a half-day profit of $ 0.008 × $ 10,000=$ 80.

In addition, in the case of $ 100,000, in half a day you can earn $ 800. This is not a fantasy. Actually you can make real money.

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