Time reflecting the actual withdrawal (refund) to the credit or debit card

The processing time on XM Group is within 24 hours but the processing time of the card companies vary

From the time of withdrawal request to processing, except bank transfer, all other requests are processed within 24 working hours, but please be noted that the actual withdrawal time will vary depending on the different credit card companies.

This is because the card company is processing a cancellation (refund) for the shopping cart.

Because the card company needs to process a collateral withdrawal, it is not guaranteed that the entire amount will be refunded at once.

The amount you requested to withdraw from XM Group will be split and withdrawn in a few days.

In this case, please contact the card company when the refund is delayed even though the XM Group withdrawal procedure has been completed.

It might be better to request a withdrawal with a lot of time spare as it may take more than one month to process the full refund.

Example: Request to withdraw $1000 from XM → You will be refunded $500 for the first time from the card company → A few days later $300 will be refunded → A few days later $200 will be refunded.

Some notes for withdrawing from XM Group

When you withdraw even $1, the bonus you received will be lost. (XMP before converted to cash will remain)

So, you should open multiple accounts, and withdraw after transferring your funds to your separate withdrawal account.