How to calculate XM’s Swap Points

swap point

What is Swap Point?

Point out the points that can be earned by currency trading such as interest.

Swap Point is the difference in exchange rates of a currency pair between the two countries

In addition, Swap Point will vary depending on the Forex broker.

How to calculate Swap Point in MT4 for PC

It’s very simple to calculate swap point

You can calculate swap point using MT4

Steps to determine Swap Point from MT4

Right-click on the “Currency Pair" screen on the left corner of the MT4 screen, then click on “Icon".

currency pair list


Next, select the currency pair that you would like to calculate Swap point in the currency pair list, select “properties”.

select currency pair


So, you can now determine the swap point when you open a long swap (Buy) and a short swap (Sell).

determine swap point when swap long (Buy) and short swap (Sell)

If you want to display Swap on MT4 Chart

By using MT4’s indicators, you can also display spread and swap points on MT4 charts in real time.