How to change time frame displayed on MT4

To change the MT4 timeframe, click “M1 ~ MN" in the menu at the top of the MT4 screen.

 MT4 time frame

MT4 timeframe terms

  • M1…1 minute
  • M5…5 minutes
  • M15…15 minutes
  • M30…30 minutes
  • H1…1 hour
  • H4…4 hours
  • D1…1 day
  • W1…1 week
  • MN…1 month

For example: If you want to display a 5 minute timeframe, click"M5″.

MT4 frame time

As such, a 5 minute (M5) time frame has been displayed.

Long-term and short-term scalping trading typically use a one-minute time frame, for daily trading, a 5-minute to 4-hour time frame is commonly used.

For swing trading from days to weeks, a 4 hour (H4) ~ 1 day (D1) time frame is used extensively.

You can refer to the 15 minute (M15), 1 hour (H1), 4 hour (H4) timeframes, which are the timeframes used by investors worldwide.

Choose the time frame you would like to match your trading style.