How to open real account

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Open a real XM Group account with just 5 steps!

A real XM Group account can opened within 2 minutes by register ...

How to use XM Group,How to submit identification documents

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To deposit funds and start trading at XM Group, you need to upload your account holder’s identification documen ...

How to use XM Group

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Depositing fund to XM Group is very simple completed in 2 minutes.

In addition to depositing fund into XM Gro ...

Overview of MT4,Basic use of MT4

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How to download XM MT4

Start MT4 by clicking on the XM MT4 icon on the desktop.

If there is no desktop short ...

How to use XM Group,How to make money by analyzing forex charts

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Timing for buying and selling not only Forex but also other trading securities such as stock or commodity is quite si ...