Open real account at XM only in 5 steps.
Make a large sum of money from small deposits by opening real account.

It takes approximately 3 minutes to fill in simple registration information to open a real account, which allows you to use highly functional software “MT4” with complete technical analysis for free.
Go to XM official site XM

Click the button “OPEN AN ACCOUNT”

Step 2: Enter necessary information on the registration screen
Click the button “Open real account” and enter necessary information on the registration screen. All information inputs are in Romaji (Latin)
Click “Move to step 2” after entering information.

1. First name:
2. Last name:
3. Country of Residence:
4. City / Town:
5. Phone:
6. E-mail:
Step 3: Enter your personal information on the registration screen
Enter personal information to register real account
Input information in Latin.

1. First name:
2. Last name:
3. Date of birth:


4. Country of Residence:
5. Residential Address:
6. Postal/Zip code:
7. City / Town:
8. Are you a US citizen for tax purposes?: No
9. Phone:
10. E-mail:
Step 4: Enter investor information
Enter investor information and account information.
There are three accounts including Micro, Standard and Executives accounts in XM.
For beginners or those who have limited funds, Select micro accounts to reduce risks.

1. Account Type: e.g. Micro (1 lot= 1.000)
2. Investment Amount (USD): Enter the planned investment amount
3. Account Base Currency: e.g. USD (USD is common)
4. Leverage: You can use maximum leverage if selecting 888


5. Your total Estimated Income (USD): Enter your estimated total income
6. Your total Estimated Net Worth (USD): Enter your estimated net asset
7. Level of Education: Enter your educational background
8. Employment Status: Enter working field
9. Nature of Business: Enter your current job
Step 5: Enter knowledge of trading and opening account.
Financial companies must grasp the their clients’ transaction-involving knowledge. Because of such a law, you are required to enter your trading knowledge.

Select the appropriate content after checking two checkboxes, and then click “Open real account.
If all information is entered properly, the following completion screens will be displayed. Account information will be sent to the email address you have registered at the same time.


Enter the registration information sent to the email address you have registered, log in to the real account, make deposit, download MT4, and then you can start real transactions.

*When you start trading with real payment, it is necessary to submit identification documents for account validation.
*Your account will be officially activated once the identification documents have been verified.

The method of submitting identification documents is very simple.

Please refer to ‘Method of submitting identification documents’ Page.