Overview of MT4,Basic use of MT4,How to display an indicator in MT4

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Here is how to plot Relative Strength index (RSI) on the MT4 application for smartphones. Plotting RSI is very simple ...

How to use XM Group,Overview of MT4,Basic use of MT4,Overview of XM Group

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How to switch accounts in case you want to sign in to another account on MT4 (iPhone app).

For example, you can ...

Basic use of MT4


How to change the time frames in MT4

If you want to change the time frames in MT4, click “M1 ~ MN” button ...

Basic use of MT4


How to customize the chart display in MT4

Because it is hard to view the chart in default setting, you should customiz ...

Basic use of MT4


How to copy customized chart settings to another chart

If you want to customize similar settings for multiple charts, ...