The reason for XM Group account being frozen or hibernating and charges to the hibernating account

In Forex Broker’s XM Group, you can have up to 8 real accounts.

Besides, you can also use each account for different purposes such as used for sending foreign currency by USD account or JPY account or account for non-risky transactions with XMP (XM points) and dedicated accounts for withdrawals.

However, note that if you do not use your account to trade within 90 days, your account will freeze or fall into hibernation.

Conditions for XM Group account to be frozen

  • In case of no transaction or top up within 90 days if account balance is still positive

The bonus will disappear and your account will freeze and be blocked.

The frozen accounts will not be able to reopen, so if you want to re-trade you must open new account.

If you want to freeze your account, it will not matter if you leave it alone without doing anything.

Furthermore, you can not log in to MT4, MT5 using frozen accounts.

In addition to the above, your account will be permanently frozen if you violate XM’s terms of use.

Conditions for XM Group account to become frozen (inactive)

  • In case of no transaction or deposit within 90 days if account balance is positive

The bonus will be lost and the system will automatically deduct $ 5 of maintenance fees per month.

If your account falls into hibernation,during the time the maintenance fee can still be deducted, the account will not be frozen but the account will be frozen at the time of account balance is zero.

Accounts in hibernation status can still log in and re-trade on MT4, MT5.

Transfer of funds is not considered a transaction

XM Group accounts will be frozen or in hibernnation if you don’t deposit or withdraw during trading within 90 days.

It is important to note that transferring funds between accounts is not considered a transaction.

It would probably be better to trade as little as 0.01 lots, or make a regular withdrawal, so that your XM Group account does not fall into hibernation or freezing.