What is an envelope?
Envelope is a line of which deviation is constant up and down from the moving average line. Price from moving average line, it is a technical approach to see whether or how far price deviates from moving average line.

Because the movement of the rate often changes within the constant distance from a moving average, a strategy can be formed to “sell” near the upper end of the band or “buy” near lower end of the band.

How to display envelope indicator.
It is very simple to display envelope indicators.
Only in 4 steps [Insert]→[Indicators]→[Trend]→[Envelopes]


After Screen setting the numeric value is displayed, and then enter a number of your choice.
Then select [Exponential] in [MA Method],

When you trade on very short time frames so-called scalping, please set values in reference to the following numbers.
Envelopes display two deviations of 0.10% and 0.18%.
(These levels are for reference only because each individual has different choice of standard deviation)

Envelope 1

Period: 7
MA Method: Exponential
Deviation: 0.10%

Envelope 2

Period: 7
MA Method: Exponential
Deviation: 0.18%

Other types of borders and colors can be customized.
Click OK when you are finished with the setting.

Envelopes can be displayed by the simple setting above.
It is also possible to display multiple Envelopes rather than only one.
Only in 4 steps [Insert]→[Indicators]→[Trend]→[Envelopes]
When the set numerical value input screen appears, enter a number of your choice
Select [Exponential] in [MA method]